December Inspiration



“Courage is contagious.

Every time we choose courage,

we make everyone around us

a little better and the world a little braver.”

Brene Brown

A few years back I helped a small group of Hollywood actors access their charm, charisma and vulnerability in deeper ways. By the end of our 2 month program, one actress experienced what it’s like to have Danny Glover visit her back stage and compliment her performance. Lives are touched in magical ways when we’re brave enough to lead with our vulnerability:)

If you haven’t watched Brene’s 2010 Ted Talk on The Power of Vulnerability I highly recommend it. It’s a great one to re-watch or listen to while walking.

Get ready to laugh out loud, wake yourself up, and have fun flexing your emotional courage muscles…always cheering for you!

If you’d appreciate a secret cheerleader, send me a note