Friday Morning Musings

Sep 4, 2020

Ease please

Change your thinking, change your life ~ Ernest Holmes

I love this quote and was happy to come across it again this week. If you’re caught in the trap of over-thinking and the chaos around you feels a bit TOO much – here’s a quick fix to try:

Declare with enthusiasm:

Ease please 3 x’s

Even more powerful repeated out loud

Are you smiling or laughing yet?

If not, repeat

Ok, now how do you feel?

This simple energy hack works any time you’re in a hurry to re-take control, boost your manifesting mojo or reclaim your authority as CEO of you:)

All righty that’s it for now…and Sunday my mom will be 104!…she’s amazing:)

Take good care & have a fun weekend,

PS ~ Fresh start in 15 meets every Tuesday at 8AM PT. Want to join the fun? Reply to this email to receive the Zoom link.Very energizing and still feeling the good vibes! NS ~ Bellingham, WA