Friday Morning Musings

Jul 3, 2020

Begin again

Rise & Shine

Rub your eyes
And smile knowing
The day will be good
Let the wind brush your hair
And touch your skin softly
Let the sun warm your body
And lift the darkness of the night
Let the earth beneath your feet
Steady your step
And give you strength
And ready you for many dances
Listen to the voices
Singing within you
Your own beat
Laugh at nothing
And everything
Let tears flow
If they come
And taste the salt
And believe in how you feel
Let yourself trust in love
And bring you home

An Irish Wanderer

Tomorrow on July 4th we celebrate our country’s independence and contemplate what freedom really means to each of us.

As I pondered which card might provide hope for this new month of changes begin again volunteered and feels apt for July’s guidance.

Thank you for being my penpal and reading these Musings each week – I am so very grateful.

May you and your loved ones be safe and well, and have fun celebrating this weekend.

Much love,