Friday Morning Musings

Nov 20, 2020

Speak kind words

“Think of change as a tree. It doesn’t grow from the top down. It grows from the bottom up – and we are the roots.” Gloria Steinem

Lately I find it harder to hold my focus, and this awareness reminds me to slow down sooner.

Research shows that by slowing down our breathing rhythm we can boost our focus, clarity and kindness.

I am a fan of simple fixes, and enjoy knowing that a few minutes of stillness refreshes our Spirit and helps us make better choices.

Here’s a simple stillness practice I find helpful:

1 – Set a timer for 2-3 minutes – I’m partial to Insight Timer’s APP

2 – Close your eyes and drop in to quiet time

3 – Let your mind wander and roam

When the timer dings, give yourself a few moments to count your blessings, follow your breath and ease back in to the present moment.

Ok that’s it for now…time to plan for Thanksgiving, get out trusted recipes and shop early when the store’s quiet:)

Take good care…stay safe & be well,