Friday Morning Musings

Dec 24, 2020

Thank you

“Looking behind I am filled with gratitude.
Looking forward I am filled with vision.
Looking upwards I am filled with strength.
Looking within I discover peace.”
Apache Prayer

I am truly grateful for the chance to conjure uplifting images and words for you each week, and thank you for writing back when I say something you find meaningful.

As 2020 winds down it’s important to make room for DOWN TIME as my mom calls it because we need it even if we don’t think we do.

I’ve learned along the way that in order to feel resilient, resourceful and ready we need stillness first. The last week of the year is often quieter than others and it’s easier to slow down, rest and enjoy the final moments of 2020 – WHOA!

Let there be peace on earth
Let it begin with me.

Happy Holidays and may Peace, Love & Joy be with you & your family throughout the coming year.

Thank you,