Friday Morning Musings

Jan 15, 2021

Meditate more

“Like a herd of wild mustangs each year is a different horse. Each has a different personality and way of being within the herd.” ~ Unknown

So many changes already this year, and since it feels like everything is speeding up it’s more important than ever to slow down.

Build in extra time so you’re not feeling rushed.

Equally important is cultivating a sense of calm energy so you can more easily disconnect from the drama swirling around us.

2021’s energy moves very quickly and it might be helpful to keep in mind a few tricks like this clever phrase I heard earlier this week –slow is the fastest route this year:)

Give yourself permission to pause, be still and listen.

Gurumayi Chidvilasnanda reminds us “the language of the heart is silence.”

January Schedule – Fresh Start in 15 is a nourishing 15 minute Qigong practice that helps us find calm in chaos. Join us Wednesday mornings from 9-9:15 PT. Email for the Zoom link.

All righty that’s it…have a wonderful week…and choose to be fun:),