Friday Morning Musings

Apr 16, 2021

Look within

“It’s not things that upset us, it’s our judgement of things.” ~ Epictetus

Lately I’ve been re-watching a few favorite movies, and the one that has floated to the top is titled Seven Days in Utopia and can be viewed via Amazon Prime.

It’s a story about the game of life, and uses the sport of golf as the teacher.

A few key points from the movie:

Utopia is defined as a place of mythical perfection.

Utopia is indeed real, and it’s a place where the voice of truth resides.

How can a game have such an affect on a man’s soul?

You don’t choose the game, it chooses you.

Playing at the top of our game requires we develop certain skills, and I loved being reminded of the magic hidden within the initials SFT:

See it
Feel it
Trust it

Remember why you’re doing whatever you are choosing to do, and let your passion fuel your desired outcome:


Notice who are you becoming because of your willingness to challenge yourself.


Continually risk, take action and explore new possibilities with heart and conviction.


Breathe in SFT and embrace your game’s play book in your own unique ways, and remember it’s just a game.

“Keep calm and carry on.” ~ Winston Churchill

The movie ends after the underdog hits the last ball of the Tournament but we don’t know if the ball makes it into the hole.

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