Friday Morning Musings

Sep 18, 2020

Ease please

It would be good to find some quiet inlet where the waters were still enough for reflection, where one might sense the joy of the moment, rather than plan breathlessly for a dozen mingled treats in the future. Kathleen Norris

Yesterday’s Virgo new moon reminds us to nurture nature, discover our unique gifts and then share them with the world.

Many say life is a game and I believe we need to embrace healthy, feel good ways that uplift our spirits, open our hearts and quiet our minds.

If you want to feel more on your game, an easy fix is to start playing with the little island card’s messages to lift and shift your energy.

The 1st Friday Morning Musing of the month sets the tone or focus for the month, and Monday’s messages support fresh ways to tap that energy.

Having loosen up and ease please close at hand this week has been very helpful + they are fun phrases I lean into and play with anytime I’m distracted and need to get centered.

Ways to play with your Cards & Musings:

Add them to your journal as a daily prompt, write across the top of your grocery list so you’ll find them again later, repeat the words out loud or silently like a mantra, write them in lipstick on your bathroom mirror or scribble them on a post it note and place it in your car or on your fridge.

No rules. Make something up. See what works.

The older I get the more determined I am to BE energetic and healthy, and I find investing just a few minutes releasing stress, anxiety and all the sh*t that bothers us really is free-ing and energizing:)

Two trusted practices I rely upon that cultivate mind/body/spirit harmony are Meditation and Qigong, and when I skip a day I miss it.

If you’re feeling off your game and need a little re-boot, you can join our 15 minute practice on Tuesday mornings. Reply to this email and I’ll send the Zoom link.

What a super way to begin the day – ladies who qigong!
CO ~ Orcas, WA

Ok that’s all for this week…thinking of you…take good care & be well.

Have fun,

PS ~ If you would like to choose your own Musings, I’m happy to send a deck of little island cards off to you.