Strong Like A Mountain, Flowing Like A River

Life Coach

Here’s what you’ll get by Coaching with Joan:

  1. You will gain clarity on your next steps to achieve your goals and shift through your challenges.
  2. You will learn how to eliminate any self–limiting beliefs or blocks that stand in your way.
  1. You will have a loyal partner to keep you inspired and help you move forward.
  2. You get reminders and exercises to keep you focused and motivated.

Qigong & T’ai Chi Chih

Here’s what you’ll get from your Qigong & T’ai Chi Chih Session:

  1. Qigong and T’ai Chi Chih are easy to learn and allows your body to deeply relax and release any stored anxiety so it can return to a balanced state of health and harmony.
  2. Students notice their balance quickly improves, they reduce pain, sleep better, release excess weight and heal faster than their doctor expected after surgery.
  3. Joan has been teaching Qigong and T’ai Chi Chih since being accredited by Justin Stone in 1987, and has taught thousands of students in California, Oregon and Washington.
  4. People find her classes through a friend or their doctor’s referral, and she offers individual and small group classes via the internet using Zoom technology.

Mountaintop Musings Newsletter

Here’s what you’ll get by reading our Newsletters:

  1. Morning Musings are designed to uplift your heart and re-fuel your Spirit with positivity
  2. Morning Musings arrive via email on Mondays and some Fridays
  1. Morning Musings are filled with beautiful Northwest imagery from Joan’s I-phone that’s carefully paired with gentle guidance from Joan’s much loved oracle deck, Little Island cards.

Little Island Cards

I find the cards to be so in tune to whatever is going on. They sit on my desk and when I am in a quandary I will pick one and it is always perfect. They often bring me back to what I know and what I stopped paying attention to in that moment. I find I can often breathe more deeply upon reading.

CO ~ Orcas, WA

Here’s what you’ll get from these oracle cards:

  1. Back in the 70’s I started playing with oracle cards, and 40 years later designed cards for my Qigong students to help them learn how to intentionally slow down and settle their minds.
  2. Just the size of a standard business card, this little oracle features a little island image on side one and side two reveals 44 thought-provoking words or phrases.
  1. Each deck has been printed in the USA on rich matte recycled paper, lovingly assembled by hand, and arrives beautifully wrapped in a luxurious moss green velvet drawstring bag.
  2. These little cards can be used any time you want to feel more relaxed, centered and peaceful.