3+ Superfood Pudding Recipe

3+ Superfood Pudding

I love celebrating, savoring tea and spoiling my private clients with organic superfood snacks when we meet around my dining room table in the afternoons. 

This week I decided to create a Nutiva Chia Seed Pudding that’s equally delicious, nutritious and easy to make:)

Step 1:

Choose your favorite container (old Ball jars work beautifully)

Choose a favorite spoon (adore using antique silver soup spoons)

Step 2:

Add 2 or 3 spoonfuls of Nutiva Chia Seeds and Goji Berries to your jar

Add your favorite nut milk like a blend of unsweetened almond & coconut milk

Screw the lid on, shake and dance around the kitchen. Smiling yet? Good!

Place the jar in your refrigerator and allow it to set for several hours or make it the night before

Step 3:

Serve with your favorite toppings like: Nutiva Organic Hempseeds, shredded coconut, crunchy pumpkin seeds, chopped nuts, cacao nibs or seasonal fresh fruit

If you’re in the mood for sweet add a dash of maple syrup, Nutiva coconut sugar or local honey

And finally, before you take that first bite, let’s give thanks to mother earth, the growers, harvesters and all the hands working together around the world that help bring organic Superfoods to your table.

Bon appetit