Can you identify what triggers your STRESS Response? If yes, awesome! Endless monkey mind challenges everyone although each person's path to emotional freedom is different.

Managing your behavior and STRESS Response requires awareness to transform, and healthy benefits like less anxiety and more energy are easier to achieve than you might think.

Learning how to respond more and react less takes patience and practice. Let's schedule a complimentary call to explore what's missing and discover what you require to make your life work better.

Ready for a little good news? STRESS relief is just a click away. Let's connect






HEALING SEA - Soothing Sounds Of The Salish Sea

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A powerful audible tool that helps us slow down, relax and sleep peacefully.

Experience a calm, nourished state-of-mind each time you listen.

LITTLE ISLAND CARDS - Follow your heart

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A trusted resource, these simple oracle cards encourage reflection.

Choosing a card helps us look within for answers to guide us through our daily lives.

T'AI CHI CHIH -  joy thru movement

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Practicing T'AI CHI CHIH decreases STRESS and increases Well-being.

Started leading Qigong classes the day I earned my Teacher's Accreditation Certificate in 1987.

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“ Joan is the most amazing wizardess who knows just what you need, when you need it and where to find it. ” ~ MB Mount Shasta, CA