What do Real Estate and Astrology have in common?

3 things: Location, location, location

Knowing the unique location and placement of the Stars, Signs and Planets on the day you were born points to how you think, feel and move in life.

Each Star, Sign and Planet has a unique vibration, and learning a few key points about your essential nature helps you zero in on your strengths, weaknesses and life path.

Like a blueprint, reviewing your life's floor plan helps you become aware of the big picture as well as the little details that color your personality, emotions and what qualities you are destined to develop and rise into.

Working with your inner blueprint identifies challenges and reveals the Stress relief points which help minimize anxiety and increase tranquility.

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. ~ Joseph Campbell

Explore your path to freedom by discovering the magical placement of your super powers. Learn about your unique gifts, challenges and the agreements you said yes to when you took your 1st Breath.

If you're curious, crave clarity and want to learn the truth about your hidden agreements, please Apply.

Wake up feeling excited, centered and supported by the Universe.

Thank You Notes

"It's been a week now since the wonderful and meaningful session I had with you to explore my astrology, animal guides and other amazing intuitive elements you combined together in such a delicious and insightful way.

Given the new insights I gleaned from this multi-dimensional information, I feel more comfortable and confident in my skin and in my life path than I've felt in a long time.

Thank you for your trust in the magical and mystical side of things and for helping me to expand my understanding and enjoyment of being a spiritual being having a human experience." NS ~ Bellingham, WA