What do Astrology and Real Estate have in common?

3 things: Location, location, location

Astrology Charts act like an inner blueprint, and reveal answers to questions like what am I naturally good at or what's my purpose? The location and timing of your birth even points to the way you think, feel and move in life.

Isn't that wild?

"It's been a week now since the wonderful and meaningful session I had with you to explore my astrology, animal guides and other amazing intuitive elements you combined together in such a delicious and insightful way.

Given the new insights I gleaned from this multi-dimensional information, I feel more comfortable and confident in my skin and in my life path than I've felt in a long time.

Thank you for your trust in the magical and mystical side of things and for helping me to expand my understanding and enjoyment of being a spiritual being having a human experience." NS ~ Bellingham, WA

Astrology Readings offer an efficient way to learn specific details about your self, your loved ones and your career. During a Reading you discover your strengths, challenges and what you are destined to develop.

Let's explore the hidden magic within your Astrology Chart, send me a note.

"Joan is the most amazing wizardess who knows just what you need when you need it and where to find it." MB ~ Novato, CA