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Nurture Mind Body Balance

A journey of a thousand miles begins with
a single step. ~ Lao Tzu

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ~ Lao Tzu

When stressed, we naturally become impatient and often find ourselves reacting more and responding less.

Learning how to restore balance while feeling anxious, stressed or alarmed has a huge payoff mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

Choosing to savor the present moment matters more than you might think, because it allows you to see the blessings in the challenges.

Everything begins with a Wild Idea!

I help people with Fast Minds Slow Down to discover:

  • Physical Vitality
  • Emotional Fluidity
  • Mental Peace
  • Spiritual Freedom

My completely off the charts victories started not months after our partnership began but after only 3 weeks when I booked the biggest acting contract of my career, a National TV Commercial with AT&T for their March Madness campaign! After slow years in the business and taking classes with Acting Coaches that produced only frustration, Joan has provided me with a cloak of positive clarity for life and work I love. I’m fascinated by her intuitive understanding and the clear solutions she provides to my issues every time we talk.

MN ~ Irvine, CA


My clients depend on my ability to hear what they’re not saying, identify what’s missing and suggest practical ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Everything starts with a wild idea and grows from your willingness to step forward in unfamiliar ways. When you take the time to be still and listen to your inner guidance, you can create positive change.  

Life Coaching

Manifest Mind/Body Goals

  • Reign in your runaway mind
  • Gain clarity
  • Connect with your inner guidance
  • Boost your manifesting mojo

Joan is an amazing coach! She helps you dig down and see the problem, then helps you find the solution. She is also intuitive offering ideas and thoughts you would never think of. Joan is great for both business and creative types. The best thing about Joan is that she really cares. She’s a very nice person. I can’t think of anything better I can say about her.

MA ~ Los Angeles, CA

Ease Please

Relieve Mind/Body Stress

  • Rekindle mind/body flow
  • Cultivate peace and harmony
  • Become relaxed and centered
  • Feel refreshed and energized

Thank you Joan for your healing words and this “just right” session recording. I did it while my dinner was cooking and now it is ready to enjoy and I know it will taste a lot better because I have relaxed and am more present in this very moment.

NRS ~ Bellingham, WA

Private Lessons

Strengthen Mind/Body Communication

  • Designed just for YOU
  • Awaken self-healing ability
  • Learn ancient healing practices
  • Develop daily self-care habits

Thank you so much “Dr. Joan” for sharing all the wonderful practices and advice. I feel inspired. I have incorporated many of the practices into my daily routines and see and feel a difference. You’re the best!

LT-C ~ Daly City, CA

T'ai Chi Chih

Restore Mind/Body Balance

  • Experience joy through movement
  • Increase mind/body awareness
  • Cultivate health and harmony
  • Develop a daily self-care practice

Thank you for the flowing practice today. At the beginning you said to let the Tai Chi flow and be an observer. So, I let go and trusted and went into the deep of the river. So Beautiful! I felt carried. And, my SI joint also feels better. I got 2 healings for one practice, spirit and body! Thank you again!

GH ~ Anacortes, WA

Oracle Card Readings

Explore Mind/Body Goals

  • Clarify what you desire
  • Choose your next steps
  • Receive guidance & support
  • Increase your manifesting power

I absolutely LOVED this Joan…can’t wait for next week’s reading!

MC ~ San Francisco, CA

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Your musings have become sort of like a marker on a trail, a signal that a new stretch of terrain has just begun, and that all is not lost if we just get our heads on straight and lean into it…gracefully if possible.​

DS ~ Ventura, CA

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