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I’m at work Joannie. Ty ty ty. I needed this. I picked 2. I had a dying patient and when I entered the room she said I brought angels with me and I was the largest angel. I love my work. I love you.

D.B. ~ Irvine, CA

My aim with this channel is to be playful and share a little island magic that helps us be a little more mindful, connected and centered. Working with oracle cards is a fun way to gently open your heart and receive guidance.

I Believe:

  • That life is filled with challenges and blessings, and that we are here in life school to learn, grow and understand.
  • In the power of daily practice, repetition and taking very small steps forward.
  • In the power of curiosity and feel that being playful helps us discover what matters most.

It’s Sunday afternoon and I was finally able to watch it. Very enjoyable and helpful. Been a bit crazy here…ha ha. I picked #3 and setting boundaries was the perfect insight. Boundaries can be so many things, real and virtual: our bodies, our homes, property lines, our time, our opinions, our freedoms, etc. Thank you for this J !

C.C.-L. ~ So CA

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