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Mountaintop Musings

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My clients depend on my ability to hear what they’re not saying, identify what’s missing and suggest practical ways to relieve stress and anxiety.

As a Life Coach and Qigong Teacher, I specialize in combining ancient and modern energy healing practices that gently re-balance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.
We are faced with making hundreds of tiny decisions throughout the day, and each one holds the opportunity to choose chaos or calm, and as Lou Holtz reminds us life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.

Wear your scars like wings.

One thing I’ve learned over the years? Taking just a few moments to relieve stress encourages better decision making, and when we feel calm and centered we naturally make better decisions.

I knew I needed to leave the familiar behind when I divorced in 2002, and spontaneously moved home to the San Juan Islands.

Taking the time to review childhood dreams helped me become a curious adventurer again, and gave me the strength to walk a wild unknown path as a Qigong Teacher. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

~ Lao Tzu

My focus has always been the same – research, practice and share simple energy healing techniques that help fast minds slow down, get centered and restore mind/body balance.
A few years ago I noticed that my busy mind had a lot in common with the runaway horses I rode as a young girl growing up in Southern California.
Besides teaching Qigong, I offer Life Coaching for busy individuals looking for simple tools and techniques so they can change their future.
My programs help you bring your “wild ideas” to life with a renewed sense of confidence, clarity and momentum.
I am often asked what inspired you to pursue this line of work?
Learning how to slow down has been essential for my well-being, and it’s why I’ve dedicated my life to exploring innovative ways that help fast minds slow down and restore mind/body balance.

Joan Roulac is a Tai Chi Chih Certified Instructor, Life Coach and Photographer who believes in the life-changing power of meditation, mindfulness, and movement.

Learning how to slow down has been essential for her personal well-being, and its why she dedicates her life to discovering practices that help runaway minds slow down.

Developing a joyful movement business has been the catalyst for the greatest things in her life, and nothing gives her more pleasure than sharing powerful mind/body healing practices that restore balance.

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