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Joan is a delight. I first met her when she was recommended as a teacher for a T’ai Chi class. She brings great energy and excitement to what it has to offer. She is able to teach and create the meditative state that allows your body to receive whatever it needs. I’ve also worked with Joan using her intuitive work. She is spot on. Once again, whatever you need during your time with her, she is able to provide. She trusts the process and the intuition that tells her how to support you. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she remains engaged and committed to you outside of any formal sessions. You have no doubt Joan has a gift she has chosen to share with others and I am very thankful that she has.

DW ~ Orcas, WA

In college I adored dancing to Van Morrison’s song, Moon Dance, and this song still reminds me to smile as I look up at the night sky and remember “it’s a marvelous night for a moon dance.”

Each Reading supports your ability to have more of what you want when you want it. We will explore creative ways of working with whatever you’re ready to manifest so you feel aligned, supported and crystal clear about your next steps forward.

PLEASE NOTE: Readings are via Telephone and are offered Tuesday through Friday. You will receive an Invoice prior to your appointment.

60 Minutes                 

Explore the placement of the Sun, Moon and Stars at the time of your birth. We are in “life school” and are here to learn and grow into becoming the very best version of ourselves.

Discover your unique energy signature determined by the day, time and place you came into this world, and we’ll explore how you can partner with your particular gifts to help you manifest your heart’s desires.

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