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When our energies are healthy and balanced we feel stronger, happier and better able to handle whatever is happening in our lives.

Donna Eden

My love of Private Lessons started when I was 7 or 8. I had a fabulous tennis teacher named Walter Westbrook who believed in the value of positive reinforcement. Every time I would manage to hit the ball over the net or ace a serve he’d declare “what a peach!” with a big warm-hearted grin. His words of encouragement made me feel as if I could play the game when I could barely hold the racket! That was more than sixty years ago and I still treasure his kindness, positivity and belief in me.

Strong like a mountain, flowing like a river.

~ Lao Tzu

As a teacher, I aim to be like Walter, kind and encouraging, so you can feel supported on your journey.

Are you a good fit for Private Lessons?

Flexibility is key these days, and that’s why Private Lessons appeal to very busy individuals with little extra time. They are willing to invest in practices that work with their demanding schedules and deliver results.

Each session targets a particular quality you would like to release or embrace that helps you restore mind/body balance.

As you develop these skills, you will start feeling happier, healthier and more resilient.

Joan was instrumental in guiding me through the mind-body disconnect I’ve felt from what my doctors presume is long COVID. After only a few weeks of zoom sessions, my energy has gone up substantially and my mind feels much clearer.

HF ~ Olympia, WA

During practice you can expect to feel less anxiety, fatigue and pain as you increase the flow of energy circulating through your body. Leave each session feeling relaxed, refreshed and inspired.

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