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Let us just tell you how much we three appreciated the Ease Please recording! We downloaded the zoom app onto my mother’s iPad and showed her how to use it. Yesterday, after we flew home, she texted us to let us know that she was triumphant in doing the session without us! We were so tickled. When we called her this afternoon she was getting ready to do it again. Thank you, thank you, thank you

K.O. & S.N. ~ Anacortes, WA

You have given me so much this year and last year. A level of resiliency and evenness, a steady guide. Thank you for this. I’m the cliche when I say I could not have done this year without you.

B.Y. ~ Denver, CO

Coaching always starts by creating a solid foundation, and I share ancient and modern tools and techniques that generate mind, body, spirt and emotional wellness designed just for your unique challenge.

During the Coaching process I help you turn on what Julia Cameron calls your “spiritual electricity” so you can light up the parts of your dream that are currently hidden from view.

Everything starts with a few good questions like:

  • What’s on your mind?
  • What’s on your heart?
  • What’s frustrating you now?

Once you’ve identified your target it’s time to be playful and adventurous. Stepping into the wild unknown requires a genuine leap of faith, and the rewards you can expect to experience are spiritual freedom, physical vitality, mental peace, and emotional fluidity.

What I’ve learned is that our path appears as we learn to trust ourselves more and start moving forward one step at a time. It’s helpful to remember Zhuangzi’s wise words that “a path is made by walking on it” so if something is calling you just lean in and start walking.

Looking for support you can count on for your journey?

When sleeping women wake, mountains move.

Chinese Proverb

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